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Related Publications

Publications arising from each of the RECOUP research programmes are listed under their home page. This page provides a list of related publications arising from the work undertaken by members of the Centre for Education and International Development.

Forthcoming and in press

Britwum, A. O., Oduro, G. Y. and Prah, M. (2014, forthcoming). Institutionalising Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Rwanda Journal of Education.

Oduro, G. Y and Otsin, M. (2014, forthcoming). 'Abortion - it is my Own Body': Women's Narratives about Influences on their Abortion Decisions in Ghana. Health Care for Women International (Taylor and Francis).

Sika-Bright, S. and Oduro, G. Y. (2014, forthcoming). Exclusive Breastfeeding Practices of Mothers in Duakor, a Traditional Migrant Community in Cape Coast, Ghana.  In Paracka, D. and Abaidoo, S. (guest editors)  Democratic Governance, Women and Sustainable Development in Ghana, Journal of Global Initiatives,  8(2)  

Tamim, T. (forthcoming) Languages in education and symbolic violence in Pakistan. In Ersch, E.  & Solly, M. (Eds.) Language and Globalization, Cambridge Scholar publications.

Tamim, T. (in press) Languages in Education and Implications for Poverty Reduction, Lahore Journal of Policy Studies

Tamim, T. (in press) Languages and Physical Wellbeing, NUML Journal of Critical Inquiry.


Naveed, A. (2013) ‘Landscaping Policy Relevant Research in Pakistan: Identifying the key actors’. Project Paper, Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Islamabad/Research 4 Development, DFID, London.

Naveed, A. (2013) ‘Mapping the Institutions of Educational Policy Research in Pakistan: Who is doing what?’. Project Paper, Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Islamabad/Research 4 Development, DFID, London.

Nnorom, C. C. P., Oduro, G. Y., & Yahaya, A. B. (2013). The 'Dog-Chain' Syndrome: A Voluntary and Compelling Phenonmenon among Unemployed Youth in Ghana. In the Journal of Arts and Social Sciences. Vol. 1 (2) pp. 194-223.

Singal, N. (2013) Entry, engagement and empowerment: Dilemmas for inclusive education in an Indian context. In L. Florian (Ed) The Sage Handbook of Special Education. Second Edition. Sage Publication. Needs page numbers

Swartz, S. and Arnot, M. (Eds) (2013) Youth Citizenship and the Politics of Belonging, London: Routledge 142 pp.

Tamim, T. (2013) Higher education, languages and persistence of inequitable structures for working class women in Pakistan, Gender and Education, Vol 25, No, 2pp.155-169.

Tamim, T. (2013) The politics of languages in education and issues of access and participation in the multilingual context of Pakistan, British Educational Research Journal (paper published online: 25 FEB 2013 DOI: 10.1002/berj.3041


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Naveed, A. and Islam, T. (2012).  A New   Methodological Framework for Measuring Poverty in Pakistan’. Working Paper 122, Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Islamabad


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Marshall, H. and Arnot, M. (2008) ‘The gender agenda: the limits and possibilities of global and national citizenship education’ in J. Zajda, L. Davies and S. Majhonovich (eds)  Globalisation and Comparative Education Vol. 2: Comparative and Global Pedagogies: equity, access and democracy in education, New York, Springer.