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REACH Forward: Medium and Long-term Impact

All resources developed during the lifetime of the project will be shared through a dedicated online community and will be made accessible to a wider audience after project completion.

We also intend to strengthen evidence-based practices in inclusive education in the global South and increase the profile of educating children and young people with disabilities into the post-2015 international debates.

As part of our medium and long-term strategy of engagement with our user-groups, we will produce short updates of the project through Twitter Feeds and publicise the seminars on Facebook. We will work with international organisations that work in education and disability in the the global South such as International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC), Sightsavers and other organisations that represent the educational interests of children with disabilities.

Our key long-term impact will be in establishing high quality educational programmes to support the educational inclusion of children and young people with disabilities in the global South.

Early childhood development and education in Malawi

Early childhood development and education in Malawi