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Project Publications

The RECOUP programme has a wide range of publications which include working papers and conference presentations, research articles and chapters as well as major edited collections.  The team has generated from this material a series of key policy briefs which are intended to highlight the major issues which have emerged that are relevant to policy-makers and practitioners.
These publications challenge existing definitions of ‘problems’ of poverty alleviation, the transitions from school to work, the relationship of families to schooling, the construction of disability. The focus of these publications are the outcomes of schooling whether in terms of individual achievement, social participation in, for example, civic institutions and political life, or knowledge and protection from disease, decisions about fertility and childbearing.

Accessing the Publications

For ease of access, the different types of publications are organised into four different clusters, and linked in the righthand menu:

Publications which include

1. Working Papers
2. Policy Briefs
3. Project publications

By Project

Disability, Education and Poverty
Youth, Gender and Citizenship
Health and Fertility
Skills Acquisition
Aid Partnerships
Public-Private Partnerships

By Theme Outcomes

Theme 1 Human and Social Development
Theme 2: Economic and Labour Market
Theme 3: Partnerships in Education

By Country