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News and Events

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The Centre has hosted a number of seminar programmes, informal working groups and reading groups within the Faculty of Education. It has also had the privilege of hosting Visiting Scholars working in the fields of international and comparative education.

Two Major Events

Two major events have been funded by external agencies. These initiatives have led to partnerships with the University of Birmingham and the Centre for Commonwealth Education in the Faculty of Education at Cambridge University.

  1. BAICE Education of Children with Disabilities in  Southern Countries
    Full report.

    BAICE thematic forum : November 2012  and May 2013. Partnership between University of Cambridge and University of Birmingham
    Lead Organiser: Dr. Nidhi Singal, University of Cambridge
    Co-organiser: Dr. Paul Lynch, University of Birmingham
    Disability is an increasingly vital contemporary issue in international development and particularly so in the area of education. The series of activities undertaken by the Forum focus on the following issues:

    1. The challenges involved in the interpretation and implementation of global frameworks on disability and education, such as inclusive education, on national policies and local settings.
    2. A critical examination of different models of education being developed in various Southern countries, and lessons for the North.
    3.  The methodological and conceptual challenges present in undertaking research on disability issues in Southern countries.

    This Forum brings together researchers (students and others), NGOs and other stakeholders who are based in the UK but working in the Global South to discuss these important issues, and foster mutual learning.

  2. Education & the transformation of young women's lives: Commonwealth perspectives
    Full report.

    On the 28th and 29th October 2011, the CEID hosted the Council for Education in the Commonwealth (CEC) conference on the theme for that year: Educating Women: Transforming Society. The conference was held at the Faculty was organised by the CEID, the Centre for Commonweal Education (CCE) and the Social Transformations Programme Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat. The conference brought together representatives of the UK research community, international, national and non-government organisations, and graduate students to reflect on contemporary educational initiatives that promote opportunities for the well-being of young adult women in the Commonwealth.