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Research Programmes

Primary School classroom in Brazil

The Centre for Education and International Development seeks to encourage research on international education that engages with the global challenge of economic and social development.


The Centre for Education and International Development promotes high quality research on education, poverty and development.  It aims to contribute interdisciplinary perspectives to the fields of international and comparative education, drawing on economics, sociology, gender and citizenship studies and a wide range of methodological approaches.

The Centre offers research teams an important locus for their work in which to deepen knowledge of the relationship between education and international development.  Its projects are set within a framework which emphasises the need to address the demands of poverty alleviation, and the reduction of social marginalisation or disadvantage through rigorous sustained research programmes that are innovative in their approach to the framing of research questions, to the development of relevant theory and sensitive to differences in national and cultural contexts and agendas.


The ethos of research in the Centre is to foster equal partnerships and to undertake research that it is sensitive to different cultural and contextual practices.   There is a strong commitment to developing the capabilities of local and international researchers in the field, to enable successful  exploration of the ways in which education is understood and experienced and of its effects on the lives of individuals and on the societies in which they live. With this in mind, a range of research projects have been developed that use and reflectively evaluate the potential and the limitations of qualitative and quantitative educational research.

The focus on the promotion of social justice within economic and social development , through such partnerships and as a result of focused theoretical-informed empirical investigations, is central to this Centre, whether in schooling, education and training institutions, in rural or urban contexts, or in relation to particular marginalised groups. In the light of this goal, the Centre is committed to to working with national and global agendas such as Education for All, including those that are central to the concerns of international institutions and agencies. 

The Funded Research Programmes

The funded research programmes, also listed in the left menu, are:

Research Consortium on Educational Outcomes and Poverty (RECOUP)
REACH Forward: Making educational research count for children with disabilities in Malawi, Kenya and Uganda
Disability and Schooling in Rural India
Girls’ Education and Gender Equality