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Members' Publications

Routledge series on Education, Poverty and International Development

The Centre for Education and International Development has published a wide range of the research findings of its various research programmes and projects as well as commissioning important new research.

Routledge Book Series: Education, Poverty and International Development (EPID)

This series offers important theoretical and methodological frameworks for the study of developing-country education systems, in the context of national cultures and ambitious global agendas. It aims to identify the key policy challenges associated with addressing social inequalities, uneven social and economic development and the opportunities to promote democratic and effective educational change.

Guest Edited Special Issues of Leading International Journals

Since 2005, members of the Centre have had the opportunity to a guest edit a number of special issues of leading international journals n the field of international and comparative education, inclusive education, and childhood.  The themes of these special issues cover the politics of aid, educational outcomes and poverty, youth citizenship and migration and education and disability.  A special issue on researching ethically across cultures, power and voice was also published in 2013.

Related Publications

Whilst the publications directly associated with the RECOUP research project  and other research projects can be found under Research Programmes, this page gives you access to the wide range of other publications of members of the Centre.  Included here are publications relating to social equality, inclusion and justice, to global citizenship education, as well as publications on topics such as health, HIV/Aids, mothers’ choice of schooling, language education and poverty, female participation in education, and theories of education and development.