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Guest Edited Special Issues

Arnot, M. Schneider, C.,  Welply, O., (Guest editors)  (2013) Education, mobilities and migration: people, ideas and resources, Special Issue  Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education Volume 43, Issue 5, pages 567-579

Arnot, M. and Swartz, S. (Guest Editors) (2012)   Youth citizenship and the politics of belonging: introducing contexts, voices, imaginaries,  Special Issue:Comparative Education. 48 (1)

Arnot, M and Fennell, S. (Guest Editors) (2008) Gendered Education and National Development: critical perspectives. Special Issue : Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education Volume 38, Issue 5, 2008

Colclough, C., (Guest editor) (2012)  Education Outcomes and Poverty. Special Issue:  Comparative Education, 48/2, May 2012.

Colclough, C., King, K., McGrath, S., (Guest editors) (2010), ‘The New Politics of Aid to Education’, Special Issue: International Journal of Educational Development 30/5, September 20

Robinson-Pant, A. and Singal, N. (Guest editors)  (2013) Researching ethically across cultures: issues of knowledge, power and voice. Special Issue: Compare, 43 (4).

Singal, N. and Muthukrishna, N. (Guest Editors) (2014 in press) Education and disability in countries of the South: Re-positioning the debates. Special Issue: Childhood. Currently available on iFirst.

Singal, N. (2011). (Guest Editor) Disability, Poverty and Education: Implications for policies and practices. Special Issue: International Journal of Inclusive Education, 15 (10).