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Public-Private Partnerships in the Provision of Education

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Recently, new forms of partnership have emerged in the provision of education. This study evaluates the provision of education by public and private providers, drawing on the concepts of 'voice' and 'exit/entry', to examine individual behaviour within organizations that operate under the rules of the market. It will undertake a number of school-level studies to identify the manner in which demand-side and supply-side factors operate within a school, and how aspects of provision are affected by the ability of parents, pupils and providers to use and respond to voice and exit respectively.

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OLD RECOUP SITE NEWSThe seminar on public-private partnerships for education, 30 January 2009, Amsterdam

Working Papers

Tilting at Windmills: Public-Private Partnerships in Indian Education Today

Policy Briefs

Public-Private partnerships in education: some policy questions


Can School Type Help to Identify the Supply and Demand for Education?

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