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RECOUP Policy Briefs

18. Perspectives on types of schools from Ghana and Pakistan: revisiting the relationship between intergenerational poverty and education.
Authors: Shailaja Fennell, Gideon Agbley and Sharmeen Irfan
Date: November 2010

17. Promoting Substantive Gender Equality in Education: Youth Citizenship
Author: Madeleine Arnot
Date: October 2010

16. Public Private Partnerships and Social Mobility in Ghana
Author: Gideon Agbley
Date: October 2010

15. The Education-Outcomes Gap for Youth in Ghana: Addressing Raised Expectations
Authors: Leslie Casely-Hayford, Madeleine Arnot, Delali Dovie and Edward Salifu
Date: October 2010

14. Improving Educational Outcomes: Youth as Poverty Experts
Authors: Fatuma Chege, Madeleine Arnot, Paul K. Wainaina
Date: October 2010

13. Schooling all children: the policy implications of mothers' educational decision-making
Authors: Fibian Kavulani Lukalo and Madeleine Arnot
Date: October 2010

12. Technical and Vocational Skill Acquisition and its Impact upon the Lives and Livelihoods of Poor Youth in Ghana, India and Pakistan
Authors: Robert Palmer and Kenneth King
Date: October 2010

11. Sexuality and HIV/Aids Education: Addressing the Knowledge-Practice gap amonst Marginalised Ghanaian Youth
Authors: Georgina Yaa Oduro and Madeleine Arnot
Date: October 2010

10. Languages in Education: Improving Schooling Outcomes for Poverty Reduction in Pakistan
Author: Tayyaba Tamin
Date: October 2010

9. Public Private Partnerships and Educational Outcomes in Pakistan: A Gendered Experience
Author: Sharmeen Irfan
Date: October 2010

8. Lessons from Aid to Education in India and Kenya
Authors: Christopher Colclough, Anuradha De and Andrew Webb
Date: October 2010

7. Skills acquisition and the significance of informal training system in Pakistan - some policy implications
Authors: Shehryar Janjua and Arif Naveed
Date: November 2009

6.Education, employment and earnings in Pakistan
Author: Monazza Aslam
Date: November 2009

5. Addressing school quality: Some policy pointers from rural North India
Authors: Geeta Kingdon & Rukmini Banerji
Date: September 2009

4. The pattern of returns to education and its implications
Authors: Christopher Colclough, Geeta Kingdon & Harry Anthony Patrinos
Date: April 2009

3. Disability estimates: implications from a changing landscape of socio-political struggle
Authors: Roger Jeffery & Nidhi Singal
Date: October 2008

2. Gender equality in education - Increasing the momentum for change
Author: Christopher Colclough
Date: June 2008

1. Public private partnerships in education: Some policy questions
Author: Geeta Kingdon
Date: April 2007