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RECOUP Publications: Working Papers Series

42. Financing Education in Pakistan: The Impact of Public Expenditure and Aid on Educational Outcomes
Authors: Rabea Malik and Arif Naveed
Document Date: April 2012

41. The RECOUP Household Surveys: Methods, Implementation and Some Results
Author: Feyza Bhatti
Document Date: May 2011

40. Challenges for the Optimal Allocation of Educational Aid: Should MDG Priorities be more prominent?
Author: Christopher Colclough
Document Date: March 2011

39. Insights from a quantitative Survey in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Authors: Feyza Bhatti, Rabea Malik and Arif Naveed Mahbub-ul-Haq
Document Date: January 2011

38. Economic Returns to Schooling and Skills - An analysis of India and Pakistan
Authors: Monazza Aslam, Anuradha De, Geeta Kingdon and Rajeev Kumar
Document Date: December 2010

37. Public-Private Partnerships and Educational Outcomes: New Conceptual and Methodological Approaches
Author: Shailaja Fennell
Document Date: October 2010

36. The Impact of Aid on Education Policy in Kenya
Authors: Christopher Colclough and Andrew Webb
Document Date: October 2010

35. Educational Exclusion and Inclusive Development in India.
Author: Shailaja Fennell
Document Date: October 2010

34. Testing youth transitions in Kenya: Are young people with disabilities falling through the cracks?
Authors: John Mugo, Josephine Oranga and Nidhi Singal
Document Date: September 2010

33. Higher Education and Economic Development in Africa: a Review of Channels and Interactions
Author: Francis Teal
Document Date: September 2010

32. Educational outcomes and poverty: Some findings from a household survey in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh
Authors: Anuradha De, Tanuka Endow and Sourindra Ghosh
Document Date: August 2010

31. The school governance environment in Uttar Pradesh, India: Implications for teacher accountability and effort
Authors: Geeta Kingdon and Mohd. Muzammil
Document Date: June 2010

30. Parental Education and Child Health - Understanding the Pathways of Impact in Pakistan
Authors: Monazza Aslam and Geeta Kingdon
Document Date: June 2010

29. The impact of the Sixth Pay Commission on Teacher Salaries: Assessing Equity and Efficiency Effects
Author: Geeta Kingdon
Document Date: May 2010

28. Estimating Multidimensional Poverty and Identifying the Poor in Pakistan: An Alternative Approach
Authors: Arif Naveed and Tanweer-ul-Islam
Document Date: May 2010

27.  The impact of aid on education policy in India
Authors: Christopher Colclough and Anuradha De
Document Date: March 2010

26. Youth citizenship, national unity and poverty alleviation: East and West African approaches to the education of a new generation
Authors: Madeleine Arnot, Leslie Casely-Hayford, Paul K Wainaina, Fatuma Chege and Delali A Dovie
Document Date: February 2010

25. Financing education in Kenya: expenditures, outcomes and the role of international aid
Authors: Wycliffe Otieno, Christopher Colclough
Document Date: November 2009

24. With education you can do anything; without education there's nothing you can do
Authors: Nidhi Singal, Roger Jeffery, Aanchal Jain and Neeru Sood
Document Date: June 2009

23. Counting the invisible: understanding the lives of people with disabilities in Pakistan
Authors: Nidhi Singal and Feyza Bhatti with Rabea Malik
Document Date: June 2009

22. A political economy of education in India: the case of Uttar Pradesh
Authors: Geeta Kingdon and Mohd. Muzammil
Document Date: May 2009

21. Decentring Hegemonic Gender Theory: the Implications for Educational Research
Authors: Shailaja Fennell and Madeleine Arnot
Document Date: February 2009

20. Returns to Schooling, Ability and Cognitive Skills in Pakistan
Authors: Monazza Aslam, Faisal Bari and Geeta Kingdon
Document Date: November 2008

19.What can Teachers do to Raise Pupil Achievement?
Authors: Monazza Aslam and Geeta Kingdon
Document Date: June 2008

18.Public Expenditure on Education in India: Recent Trends and Outcomes
Authors: Anuradha De and Tanuka Endow
Document Date: May 2008

17.Globalising the School Curriculum: Gender, EFA and Global Citizenship Education
Authors: Harriet Marshall and Madeleine Arnot
Document Date: April 2008

16.The Financing and Outcomes of Education in Ghana
Authors: Nii Moi Thompson and Leslie Casely-Hayford
Document Date: March 2008

15.Schooling, Transitions and Reproductive Citizenship for Poor People in Urban and Rural North India: Preliminary Results from Alwar and Dewas
Authors: Claire Noronha, Roger Jeffery and Patricia Jeffery with RECOUP India research team
Document Date: March 2008

14.Forgotten Youth: Disability and Development in India
Author: Nidhi Singal
Document Date: January 2008

13.Health Shocks, Job Quality, and Self-Employment in Africa
Authors: Courtney Monk and Francis Teal
Document date: January 2008

12.Does Doing an Apprenticeship Pay Off? Evidence from Ghana
Authors: Courtney Monk, Justin Sandefur and Francis Teal
Document Date: January 2008

11.Education and the Poverty Trap in Rural China
Authors: John Knight, Li Shi and Deng Quheng
Document Date: December 2007

10.Conceptualising Disability and Education in the South: Challenges for Research
Author: Nidhi Singal
Document date: December 2007

9.Education, Training and Labour Market Outcomes in Ghana: A review of the Evidence
Author: Robert Palmer
Document Date: August 2007

8.Gendered Experiences of Teaching in Poor Rural Areas of Ghana
Author: Leslie Casely-Hayford
Document Date: August 2007

7.Researching Gender: Explorations into Sexuality and HIV/AIDS in African Contexts
Author: Fatuma Chege
Document Date: August 2007

6.Aid Effectiveness and the Role of Donor Intervention in the Education Sector in Pakistan - a Review of Issues and Literature
Author: Rabea Malik
Document Date: July 2007

5.Tilting at Windmills: Public-Private Partnerships in Indian Education Today
Author: Shailaja Fennell
Document Date: July 2007

4.The Relative Effectiveness of Government and Private Schools in Pakistan: Are Girls Worse Off?
Author: Monazza Aslam
Document Date: June 2007

3.Female Autonomy and Gender Gaps in Education in Pakistan
Author: Monazza Aslam
Document Date: June 2007

2.Global Gender Goals and the Construction of Equality: Conceptual Dilemmas and Policy Practice
Author: Christopher Colclough
Document Date: May 2007

1.Rates of Return to Education by Gender in Pakistan
Author: Monazza Aslam
Document Date: March 2007